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What is Health Coaching?

Why might you want to work with me? I have both first and second hand experience of hair loss. My 'real life' experience of autoimmune diseases gives me a unique insight into living with these illnesses. When deciding which Health Coaching course to study I researched the best options for functional medicine courses. It came down to two... and based on the information/course materials that each provider sent to me I decided on the ADAPT program with the Kresser Institute. Even though this course was much newer (I'm part of the second cohort of Functional Medicine Health Coaches), the structure and quality of information was of such a high quality that it was a no-brainer. Plus Chris Kresser himself has an excellent reputation for thorough research and examining both sides of a discussion. It's been a great experience, plus I also now have a fantastic international network of coaches all with different specialisms.

We work together in a partnership where I believe that you are the expert on your own health. You will be the one who decides which part of living with Hashimoto's has the most negative impact on your life. Is it the hair loss, the brain fog, the constipation or intolerance of cold? We'll co-create a blueprint for your optimal health, and I'll support you to make the necessary lifestyle changes. I have short one-off deep dive sessions, or medium term (three month) programs.
One of the ways that health coaching works is by creating the space for you to envision your future. I know that sounds a bit woo woo... but it's about as far away as you can possibly get from your 12 minute appointment at the GP's surgery.

Why hire a Health Coach?

I will both inspire and challenge you to take control of your health. Regular check-ins keep you on track, until you no longer need my support. I want to help as many people as possible! This is why my programs are for the minimum period of time required for you to obtain the results that you're looking for.

121 or Online Group

You can work with me either on a one-to-one basis or as part of a larger group where everyone is addressing the same health issues. Both individual and group programs each have their own advantages. While some people prefer to work in an environment that's completely personalised to them, others are keen to learn from the experiences of their peers. I offer both programs to enable the maximum number of people to work with me. I also work pro bono with a UK-based family suffering from alopecia each quarter. Please get in touch to join my waiting list for this program.

National Board Certified

What people are saying...

"Laura’s style is open, friendly and supportive, she is very easy to talk to and so I felt completely at ease to talk about concerns with my health. Laura helped me explore my thoughts further to the point where I could articulate what I wanted for my health longer term. In having this goal I was in a better position to understand what my next steps should be to help me get started. As we discussed my personal learning approach and style, Laura shared resources with me that have proved to be of great benefit and interest to me. After a few sessions with Laura I was much clearer on what I wanted to achieve and how I was going to get there, this is a great relief after feeling stuck for several months."
"I learned that when the focus is on nothing but you and you're asked the right questions, incredible things can manifest.
Coaching helped me switch the focus from everything I'm doing for everyone else, to what I should be doing for myself, and how that can change my life and the life of my family.
Laura has such a lovely manner, I felt instantly at ease with pouring out my heart and soul to her, igniting the proverbial light bulb, and within three weeks I am on a completely different path! It was a life changing experience and one I am in complete and utter awe of. Thank you Laura, you have a gift that will help many people."
Kelly Maree