HeadStart for Women

HeadStart is my bespoke coaching program to support you to manage hair loss. We’ll spend time getting to the bottom of why this is happening at this particular time in your life. A key element of Functional Medicine is this focus on finding the root cause of hair loss.

Three Month Program

It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to signal hair follicles to start growing. My program lasts for 3 months and includes 10 coaching sessions over this period.

We’ll start with three sessions in the first month as it’s important to front-load the program to give you the maximum chance of success. I’m available via email/whatsapp for any questions that arise between sessions.


My coaching program will be tailored to your unique situation. I’ve found that personalisation is key to success. We’ll move at your pace and I’ll give you information in bite-size, actionable chunks and coach you on how to implement these changes in your life. Some areas will appear easier to you than others. The true value of working with a coach is around the topics that are more challenging for you.

The program will start with a focus on diet and gut health, then cover hormones, stress, sleep, movement and finally we’ll look at the hair itself. As we progress through these topics we’ll be working together to examine where and how it’s appropriate to change behaviours for optimum health.

Micro changes

Making micro changes can yield significant results. Perhaps more importantly we’ll be looking at the subtle reasons behind making these changes, and examining why or how you might be feeling some resistance to them. A great resource for information on alopecia can be found at https://www.alopecia.org.uk/


If you’re ready to make some changes, please click the link to schedule time and see if we’re a good fit to work together.