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Kelly Found A New Lease On Life And Midlife Transformation With Help From Coaching

Within five months, Practical Health Coach Laura Krippner put Kelly on the path to fulfilling her lifelong dreams and gave her a new positive outlook on life.

Business owner and children’s author
Dedicated mom and avid traveler!

Overworked And Exhausted

Kelly owns and manages multiple businesses, something that can take up a lot of time and mental space. Working long hours and days on end to the point of exhaustion, Kelly works as hard as she can to afford to do the things she loves the most – holidays.

“The harder I work the more money I can make, which means more holidays, and every holiday is the reward for sacrificing my soul to the daily grind.”

Kelly’s effort finally paid off, as she had enough money to plan her next holiday. In early 2020, Kelly had booked a 3 month trip around the world to explore, relax, and catch up with loved ones and family members along the way.

Although she was overworked and exhausted, her heart was set on this vacation, and she spent thousands of dollars and hours planning to make this trip worth all the work.

Plans In Tatters

After a whole year of hard work and patiently counting down the days to her upcoming holiday, COVID-19 hits, and Kelly’s light at the end of her overworked tunnel flickered out. All her money, the hours spent planning excursions, the excitement of seeing family she hasn’t seen in years, gone in an instant.

“There were life goals I had on my list to be ticked off, something that was very important to me and my mental health. I was devastated.”

Kelly’s big three-month trip was canceled, and to make matters worse, COVID meant that she was stuck in her home country for the foreseeable future, unable to leave her home due to lockdown at certain points of the year. 

Battling With Depression

Four years prior, Kelly lost her son Oli and had to spend over 130 days in the hospital with her other son Oskar while he grew strong enough to go home. While all this was happening, Kelly was working to get her new furniture removal business off the ground.

These life-changing events came with a price. Kelly developed PTSD and depression, which she battled with for several years. The devastation that COVID had brought and the loss of her much-anticipated family trip sent Kelly right back to the dark place she had just gotten out of.

“I slipped back into my black hole of despair, I mourned my travel like it was a child, I cried, felt sorry for myself, spent days in utter sadness, with all the memories of the trauma and loss in the front of my mind again, that was a very dark time and I couldn’t see the light.”

Reaching Out For Help

At a low point, Kelly was losing hope, until she saw a post in a Facebook group by Laura Krippner offering health coaching sessions. In need of a midlife transformation, Kelly immediately jumped at the opportunity.

“I was willing to try anything and put my hand up immediately. I didn’t know what her course was, what it would require from me, or what to expect from the sessions with her, but it felt right, and I always trust my gut instinct.”

Knowing little to nothing about coaching, Kelly set up her first session via Zoom with Laura. Although often mistaken for counseling, coaching focuses on the future rather than supporting the past.

The First Step

Little did Kelly know, her midlife transformation was about to start later that day. Within just one session, Laura put Kelly at ease instantly. With a soothing voice and calm mannerisms, Laura got Kelly to open up.

“She started to ask me questions that no one had asked me before. I knew I could tell her anything and everything, and that’s exactly what I did.”

Kelly talked about her mental and physical health, something she’s never done before. She also shared her dreams and future aspirations. 

A Plan In Action

By the end of the first session, Kelly had a plan set out for the week ahead. Focusing on the things she could work on to make her feel better, Kelly put the plan in motion the moment the session ended. 

A change in diet, a boost in exercise, more family time with her husband and son were all small manageable changes Kelly made to her daily life. Kelly also spoke of her dream of becoming a published author, and so she went away intending to start her first book.

“I had always wanted to be an author, to write full time, to inspire others, and to make a difference. This was my purpose, and at that moment my dream was born.”

Reaching New Heights

After just one week, Kelly went into her second session feeling like a whole new person. All her tasks for the week prior had been met, and she’d even managed to go away and write three children’s books within one week.

A few more sessions later and Kelly had found both an illustrator and a publisher, her dreams becoming more and more real by the day.

“It all fell into place so fast! This was the journey I was supposed to be on, this was my fate.”

A New Purpose

Thanks to the coaching she received, Kelly has had a midlife transformation and is now on a completely different life path filled with success and happiness.

“After just a few sessions with Laura, my whole life has changed.”

Thanks to her new mindset, Kelly is presented with new and exciting opportunities regularly. With the power of Laura’s coaching, Kelly was empowered into making positive life changes.

“The more I give, the more I get back, the more I help people, the more I heal. It’s a positive cycle that is welcomed after years of negative cycles.”

Kelly has now taken her life back, making huge strides after each coaching session. 

Sharing Her Experience

“The power of coaching is life-changing! I am so grateful for the incredible journey I am now on thanks to coaching.” 

Kelly is now sharing her story with others, in hopes that those that need it can benefit from coaching sessions and find their own midlife transformation.

“It has changed my life and I know how many other lives will be impacted by the coaching she offers.”

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