Manage Hashimoto’s Program

This is my signature coaching program to support you to manage Hashimoto’s aka Autoimmune Thyroiditis. We’ll spend time getting to the bottom of the root cause that triggered this disease.

All of my signature coaching programs last for 3 months as this is the time that it takes for you to successfully implement the lifestyle changes required.

We’ll meet twice each month, and I offer email support between coaching sessions. Of course there is flexibility around when we meet, but it does help to frontload your sessions.

My coaching program will be tailored to your unique situation. I’ve found that personalisation is the key to success. We’ll move at your pace and I’ll give you information in bite-size, actionable chunks and coach you on how to implement these changes in your life in order to manage Hashimoto’s.

Given that your thyroid has the potential to have an impact on every cell in your body, it’s easy to see why it results in such diverse symptoms like hair loss, cold intolerance, tiredness, brain fog, puffy face, unexplained weight gain that’s difficult to lose, joint pain, muscle weakness and excessive menstrual bleeding. You could have one, two or any combination of these symptoms! It’s key to obtain a full thyroid panel from either your GP or a private supplier like https://medichecks.com/ or https://thriva.co/


Option 1: £250 per month for three months. The first session will be up to 1.5 hours, with subsequent sessions up to 50 minutes. Between sessions I’m available for questions via email/text. You can choose to extend at the end of the program if you would like additional support. Existing clients will take preference over those on the waiting list.

Option 2: £200 “Headstart” program which is a deep dive into your specific issues. This is a one-off session up to 2 hours, without ongoing email/text support.