Making Midlife Better…

The Midlife program is designed to help you navigate your way through midlife. We aren’t looking for any crises! Rather how can we turn your next chapter into something very special. 

Midlife Opportunity

This is a great time to make changes if your life isn’t looking quite how you expected it to. I love to work with people to create transformations which will astonish you. 

Or, maybe you’re focused on the physical changes of menopause?

If you’re looking for support to manage perimenopause symptoms I can help you with functional medicine holistic strategies. There’s a lot of information available online, I particularly like https://megsmenopause.com/ That said, information is only part of the answer, I can support you to make the changes that will help to make your experience of menopause as smooth as possible.

Three Month Program

This is a three month program comprising of six sessions which are rolled out at your own pace, typically clients choose to have a session either every two weeks. Flexibility is key.

The Midlife Program will be tailored to your unique situation. I’ve found that personalisation is key to success. We’ll move at your pace and I’ll give you information in bite-size, actionable chunks and coach you on how to implement these changes in your life.

This shouldn’t be a time of suffering and stress. While some women might need medical support during this time, others will be able to manage the process using simple lifestyle interventions.

One area that I’m interested in exploring is group coaching where you’ll be able to share experiences with your peers who are going through the same process and learn from them at the same time. Please get in touch if this would be of interest to you. A group of five or six women is the perfect size.

Topics Covered

Areas covered during the coaching include optimal diet, exercise, sleep and mindfulness guidance. Plus figuring out if you’re suffering from HPA- dysregulation (here’s a clue, most women are!). The key element to health coaching is establishing exactly how to make these micro changes work for you and your lifestyle in a way which is sustainable and pleasurable.

Rather than worrying and being stressed by manageable symptoms during perimenopause, let’s create an opportunity for you to transition to the next phase of life with joy in your heart.


The first session will be up to 1.5 hours, with subsequent sessions of 60 minutes. There is email/text support between sessions. You can choose to extend at the end of the program if you would like additional support. Existing clients will take preference over those on the waiting list. 


Are you ready to make a change? Or, even if you’re just considering what options the future might hold. Let’s have a chat to see if I’m the right coach for you. Click to book time in my calendar for a no obligation discussion. The cost of the 3 months program is £900.