How to Manage Women’s Hair Loss

How to manage women’s hair loss is my online course to  support you to manage hair loss. We’ll spend time getting to the bottom of why this is happening at this particular time in your life. A key element of Functional Medicine is this focus on finding the root cause  of the problem vs treating the symptoms. 

In this course you will understand exactly what you need to do to start regrowing your hair in as little time as two months.

We’re going to establish the root cause of your hair loss, and figure out how to improve your hair. To date I’ve with women with alopecia areata and alopecia totalis. I do not work with clients with cicatricial (frontal fibrosing) alopecia, although I’m happy to point you in the direction of the latest research.

Coaching Program

It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to signal hair follicles to start growing. I’ve structured the course so that you’re introduced to all of the information in the RIGHT order because the sequence matters.

First you’ll need to take one of my online courses: https://practicalhealthcoach.thinkific.com/ The course will flag the areas that you need to work on. 

During the course I discuss testing options and am delighted to offer the DUTCH test for hormonal testing.


Option 1. Life-time access £447 (online course only – no individual coaching). Payment plan available – £149 x 3

Option 2: Three months coaching program gives you six one-to-one coaching sessions and FREE access to the online course for the duration of our coaching together for £749. Payment plan available £249 x3

Option 3: Discounted one to one sessions for online course subscribers £149.

Option 4: One-off 60 minute info/coaching session for those who aren’t enrolled in the program £199

Option 5: DUTCH test (hormonal testing cortisol, oestrogen, progesterone, testosterone) plus Consultation £349*

Course Design

I created the courses to give you all of the knowledge to regrow your hair. So many people were contacting me and wanting information rather than coaching, so this is designed with you in mind!

The courses have been created to be as straightforward as possible while linking to medical/clinical research as appropriate. I appreciate that while some people just want to know what to do others are interested in the research behind it.


The three months coaching option includes FREE access to the course. We’ll meet every two weeks for 45-60 minutes to do a deep-dive on the course and explore where you need more help. I’ve found that personalisation is key to success. The true value of working with a coach is figuring out how to navigate the topics that are more challenging for you.

Micro changes

Making micro changes can yield significant results.  Perhaps more importantly we’ll be looking at the subtle reasons behind making these changes, and examining why or how you might be feeling some resistance to them. A great resource for information on alopecia can be found at https://www.alopecia.org.uk/


If you’re ready to make some changes, but don’t think that you need all of the info included in the online course, you can book time to discuss your individual situation. https://calendly.com/practicalhealthcoach/60min

*Introductory Offer for 2022