Home-made Hand sanitiser

Reused blue bottle

So I wouldn’t be writing this if my friend Clare had been able to buy hand sanitiser last week. But she went to nine different shops and failed to find any!

Lots of businesses that typically make different alcohol-based products are now starting to make their own brand hand sanitiser, like BrewDog.

This is something that you can easily make at home in less than a minute which is significantly easier than visiting every shop in town.

You’re going to need isopropyl alcohol (min 70%) aka rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel and some essential oil… I used lavender.

I know that most people might not have these products to hand, although you might find some rubbing alcohol languishing in a forgotten first aid kit, or essential oil in a gift pack left from Christmas.

In a bid to make our home even more eco-friendly I’ve recently started to make my own house cleaning solutions following recipes from Clean Mama https://cleanmama.com/category/diy-homemade-cleaners/ This means that I don’t have to spend my time elbowing people out of the way in the supermarket as we all embark upon an international virus-led Spring clean.


  1. Weigh out 125g of alcohol in a bowl
  2. Add 50g aloe vera gel
  3. Whisk well
  4. Add 7 drops of essential oil
  5. Whisk well
  6. Use a funnel to pour the mixture into a spray bottle.

That’s it. It took me longer to type this than to make it. What’s stopping you from checking your first aid box and bathroom cabinet to make your own hand sanitiser?

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