About Laura


I love working with women over forty who are ready to make changes.

Together we work on body, mind and spirit (I know that sounds a bit woo-woo) but spoiler alert... it's all connected. We create new habits to support you. We stop the self-sabotage and uncover what your optimal health looks like. It might be weight loss, balancing hormones, more energy, better sleep or increased hair growth.

The beauty of working one-to-one with a coach is to create diet and lifestyle strategies which are going to work for you. We experiment, we tweak and amend. It's all about you because one size does not fit all.



My son first lost his hair in 2016. It started as alopecia areata and quickly progressed to alopecia totalis. We visited a GP, dermatologist x 2, immunologist, pediatric allergist, trichologist and finally a Functional Medicine Doctor. While visiting these medical professionals I continued my own research. After trying a new strategy that I'd heard about in an online webinar my son started to experience regrowth for the first time since losing his hair. I undertook a group health coaching course in mid-2019 which was just information rather than coaching around the topic. Information by itself does not support change, but for some people (like me who are brilliant at making changes) it's enough.
Using a functional medicine approach and making lifestyle changes has enabled my son’s hair to regrow. His eyebrows and eyelashes have returned. His scalp hair is growing in thick, just like it used to be. It’s not 100% back yet, but we’re confident that the remaining hair will come back in the same way. All of the strategies that worked are in my online course.


Becoming a Functional Health Coach has helped me to get in excellent shape myself. A few years ago I would not have thought that my current lifestyle was possible for me. Making incremental changes has resulted in weight loss, high energy levels, kicking an autoimmune disease into remission (Hashimoto's), HIIT workouts, yoga, walking my dogs, better sleep and eating delicious food.

National Board Certified