What dietary changes are you looking to make? You might be looking to lose weight, or you may have been advised to try a specific diet protocol by a medical professional.

The Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP) is a dietary protocol that may be prescribed by a nutritionist or dietitian. This diet gives your body the chance to reset, and will help you to uncover any intolerances to food that you have that could be making your auto-immune disease worse.

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It can be a daunting challenge, and there are a couple of different approaches to it. You can either dive straight in to the full protocol, or take time and restrict the food groups sequentially.

I have experience of both being on the AIP (1) myself along with my family, and supporting clients. Key factors to success include clearing out your kitchen to make it AIP friendly, and ensuring that you have time to manage the shopping and cooking that is necessary for this protocol.

If the AIP is not required Chris Kresser’s Paleo Reset (2) is a positive first step towards eating whole nutrient dense foods. Information on this diet can be found in Chris’s book The Paleo Cure. This diet is a 30 day reset which will positively change the way that you eat. Chris describes it as a Ctrl-Alt-Delete reset for the body, and then you start to reintroduce the excluded foods. I had a great experience on this diet: for example, my sleep improved significantly. It was also relatively straightforward to manage alongside cooking for my family.
There can be many reasons behind making dietary changes. I can support you to get to the bottom of your motivations for changes and the practical steps necessary to be successful.

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