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What's it like to work with a coach?

What can you do if you’re experiencing symptoms of perimenopause or menopause?

In the UK most of us might start by booking a GP appointment. However, this could be a complete waste of time if your practice doesn’t have a doctor who’s received specific training in this area.

As a Functional Health Coach I’d recommend starting with lifestyle changes. This is the simplest way to upgrade your health and can benefit everyone. Specifically looking at Nutrition, Sleep, Stress Management, Movement and Exercise which are targeted for women at this age and stage. Again you’d want to work with a coach who’s got experience of working with this demographic and has completed additional training in this area. A further benefit of working with a coach is that I can 100% guarantee that while you’re focusing on your health other areas of your life will also be upgraded!

For the majority of women the lifestyle changes implemented during a 3 month program (6 coaching sessions) will be enough. However if you're still not feeling 100% I'm happy to refer to other trained experts. Sometimes my clients choose to extend beyond three months because they're making excellent progress and know that they require support. This is particularly true for my hair loss clients.

For those who are still experiencing symptoms I’d recommend working with a herbalist, or doing your own research on which herbs could support you. I have no hesitation in referring out to herbalists with expertise in working with women at midlife. 

If you’re still not firing on all cylinders you might want to look at including HRT into your care plan. Again I’m happy to refer to doctors who are experts in this area to support you. Beginning with HRT before optimising your health is like icing the cake before you’ve made and baked the cake. 

One other area to be aware of is that women with a history of trauma and/or Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) tend to have worse symptoms. What works best for these women is working with a counsellor while also implementing lifestyle changes to improve health. Once again I can refer to qualified individuals. The most important thing is that you're optimally healthy. As a result of my menopause training I'm fortunate to have built a great network of people (mainly women) to refer to throughout the UK. For example, you might need support from a physio trained in pelvic health.

Meno POWER Hour

This is a one-off session for women who just need a little help to get started. It's perfect for kickstarting weight loss or hair growth. It's not suitable for multiple complex health issues.

What my clients are saying...

“...within three weeks I am on a completely different path. It was a life changing experience and one I am in complete and utter awe of. Thank you Laura, you have a gift that will help many people."

“As we discussed my personal learning approach and style, Laura shared resources with me that proved to be of great benefit and interest to me.

After a few sessions with Laura I was much clearer on what I wanted and how to get there."

“In the last year I have lost excess weight, improved my sleep, reduced anxiety and increased my physical activity and Laura's encouragement and empathy were key in my success."

“Laura made it easy to understand where I'd been going wrong. I wasted so much time before, I didn't realise that it would be this simple.”

“My husband and kids want to thank you! He's got his wife back and I know that I'm a better Mom. Everyone going through perimenopause should have this kind of support.”

“Laura really knows how to motivate, and made me feel comfortable when sharing my personal goals/obstacles. My biggest success whilst working with Laura has been learning about the importance of routine with regards to eating at regular intervals to maintain energy and blood sugar levels, and creating a schedule to suit my lifestyle and body clock."

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  • Why it's not overwhelming or time consuming to feel better

  • Quick tools to overcome and decrease your stress

  • Easy-to-use exercises to feel more centred and in control of your day

  • Simplify and make sense of all the confusing info about what to eat

  • How to put yourself back in the centre of what you want in life


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