Child’s Hair Loss

This is my signature coaching program to support you to manage your child’s hair loss. We’ll spend time getting to the bottom of why this is happening at this particular time in their life. Please note that I don’t work directly with children, but with their parents.

It takes a minimum of 8 weeks to signal hair follicles to start growing. The severity of your child’s alopecia is what impacts how long we work together for. For example does your child have areata or a different hair loss pattern? If you child has a couple of bald spots we could likely manage with a minimum of two or three sessions, but if your child has universalis or totalis it will clearly take longer. In this case you’ll be looking at a minimum of 6 sessions over a three month period.

To give you an idea of what six coaching sessions would look like, we would meet weekly for the first two, and then biweekly for subsequent sessions. Of course there’s flexibility to suit if the above schedule doesn’t fit with your availability. That said, it’s important to front-load the program to give you the maximum chance of success. I’m available via email for any questions that arise between sessions.

My coaching program will be tailored to your child’s unique situation. I’ve found that personalisation is key to success. We’ll move at your pace and I’ll give you information in bite-size, actionable chunks and coach you on how to implement these changes in your child’s life.

A recurring topic is the impact on the rest of the family when a child has alopecia. We discuss how this is impacting your family, and what changes you’d potentially like to make as a result of this diagnosis. Having experienced this in my own family, I know that a child’s hair loss is not simply a superficial matter. I talk about the four years that alopecia has been part of our family life here: https://practicalhealthcoach.uk/child-develops-alopecia/


Option 1: £250 per month for three months. We’ll have two sessions each month with support via email/text. The first session will be up to 1.5 hours, with subsequent sessions up to 50 minutes. You can choose to extend at the end of the program if you would like additional support. Existing clients will take preference over those on the waiting list.

Option 2: £200 “Headstart” program which is a deep dive into your specific issues. This is appropriate for those people with alopecia areata, it would not be suitable for those with greater hair loss. This one-off session is up to 2 hours and does not include any ongoing support.

In addition, I also work with one UK based family each quarter on a pro bono basis. This is offered on a first come, first served basis. Please get in touch if you’d like to be added to the waiting list.