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Practical Health Coach Laura Krippner supported Gabrielle to change her diet, wellbeing and career in a matter of months.

Self-employed editor and creative writing teacher
T-rex enthusiast, Webtoon addict and workaholic!


Overworked and undervalued

At the tender age of 23, Gabrielle worked as a bartender and was in a long-term relationship.

Sick with a terrible sinus infection, Gabrielle was under pressure to take a night shift and agreed. Ibuprofen and Red Bull did the heavy lifting and got her through.

Three months later, Gabrielle experienced her first bald spot. 

Gabrielle’s hair grew back after five months and, for a couple of years, everything settled down. Then she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her one week before moving in with him and during her final exams at university. Three months later, Gabrielle’s alopecia areata returned.

“I was stressed and tired, and my life was falling apart around me.”‘ 

Cheated on and cast aside

Fortunately, Gabrielle’s hair grew back again after five months, and life seemed to get back on track.

A couple of years later, the same boyfriend (now fiancé) decided Gabrielle needed to clear out and make way for his secret younger girlfriend. She had one week to find a new home. Of course, her bald spots returned.

“This was in 2012, and my hair has never completely grown back since. I felt horrible, insecure and ashamed about my appearance.”

Reaching a crossroad for self-care

Gabrielle realised she needed to take better care of herself to feel good and counteract the lows and blows she had experienced. She exercised, took vitamins and made some lifestyle changes that made her feel and look better. But the alopecia areata remained.

You think you’re doing really well … I had visited a dietician and stopped eating gluten and dairy products. I had even quit smoking and drinking alcohol – yet my spots lingered.”

Gabrielle sought advice from her doctor and had to fight to have blood and allergy tests. Despite a history of autoimmune diseases in her family, she was consistently told that she was simply stressed.

“I was made to feel like my symptoms weren’t an issue and that I should quit whining! I even found out later that I was given the wrong tests – the proper support just isn’t available from local GPs.”

Specialist support and lifestyle changes

Laura saw Gabrielle’s motivation when they met online and could see that she was willing to make changes and try new ways to improve her situation.

“I already had a great dietician, and my friends and family were so supportive, but nobody in my sphere knew enough about autoimmune disorders to effect change.”

Not having enough of the correct information about alopecia and other autoimmune disorders is a genuine problem. Even doctors and dieticians can only help to a point when it comes to the immune system.

“My biggest breakthrough was finding a diet that worked and was easy to stick to. Working with Laura gave me a better understanding of what my body needed in terms of nutrition and what I should avoid eating –in my case, nightshades turned out to be a no-go. I also added more protein to my diet.”

 Gabrielle now consumes more protein, fatty and fermented foods and uses supplements to cover nutrient gaps.

“Eliminating certain ingredients from my diet had an almost immediate positive effect on my energy levels. A week in, I felt incredible! I never experienced anything like it before. I still have a way to go, but after six months of working with Laura, I feel better, look healthier, have more energy, and my hair has become fuller.”

Using a functional medicine approach to autoimmune disorders is about identifying the exact cause. Habit formation and behaviour change can be subtle and take time. Put yourself first and clear your head for change to happen.

“With Laura’s help, I finally quit my day job. I’m still a workaholic, but I make much more money with far less stress being self-employed full-time.”

For anyone suffering from an autoimmune disorder such as alopecia, Hashimoto’s disease, perimenopause or midlife metamorphosis, expert guidance is always best.

If it sounds like Laura could help you, Gabrielle says:

“Do it! She really helped me. I am so grateful to have met Laura, and I feel so much better because of her help. I wish I had met Laura 13 years earlier – it would have saved me so much drama.”

My online Course can Help

While my courses contain all of the info that you need you might prefer some one-to-one support to regrow your hair. Here’s a link: https://calendly.com/practicalhealthcoach/60min

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